Welcome to Ashram - a place where spirituality is practiced not preached, where knowledge primarily flows down through intuition as well as up through reading scriptures, where devotees dedicate themselves to the lotus feet of the Lord, where devotees live a simple life, and where selfless service to humanity is the paramount goal.


Founded in 2003 by one of the devotees of spiritual master Swami Shri Shivdharmanandji Paramhans, Dasandaas Durgashanker, on the banks of Indian River (not too far from the Atlantic Ocean) at 4990, Dixie Way , Mims, Florida to serve people at large –locally and around the globe. A non-profit, tax-exempt Florida charity organization maintained for the welfare of human race to promote universal brotherhood, peace and Love through development of the spiritual knowledge, Yogic Kriyaas, and Yogaasanas.

  • Currently Ashram supports many tax exempt organizations, such as Narayan Seva Sansthan (NSS) , Swami Shrishivdharmanandji Paramhans Samrati Sansthan (SSPSS) , and Braham Vidyalaya and Ashram (BV&A) . Ashram supports a clinic named VCM Charity Clinic run by SSPSS. It runs a Counseling and rehabilitation center for widows, battered and abused women and children, and a Community center and library for seniors and adults. Ashram plans to support the following activities through these organizations:
    1. Orphanage
    2. School of moral education for orphans and poor,
    3. Senior Citizen's Home for living an independent, healthy, abuse-free, respectable life, and
    4. A Specialty Hospital.
  • At the HOPE Foundation we guarantee that 100% of your donation is used solely and only for the purpose for which the donations are made. We get your choice in the beginning and we give you a receipt for each donation.
  • Ashram shall not switch funds around from one activity account to other against and without the donor’s will or instruction and approval.

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