This is a primary school up to 5th grade. The Headmaster (HM) is Shri Om Prakash ji Chaudhary, Phone #+918003945080, +919829307395 (WhatsApp), E-mail: Currently there are 2 rooms each of about 12'x12', one small 8'x8' office and a 8'x24' verandah or porch, where classes 1, 2, and 3 sit in one room and class 4 and 5 in the other room. There are about 88 students and three (3) teachers including the HM. In November- December 2017 the following works were done at this school for a total cost of Rs._________ . Plastic paint of inside and outside of the building; Coloring of ______' boundary wall all around the premises; Put tiles in bathrooms and painted; Put PVC water tank of 500 liter in bath rooms; Pipe fitting; Coloring of kitchen inside and outside and put 500 liters water tank over kitchen; Removed hand pump and put a submersible pump motor; Pipeline fitting; Oil painted all doors, windows, wire gauges, grills, etc.; Repaired roof to stop water leakage; Put cement, bricks, sand packing on all sides of submersible boring; Put three (3) New ceiling fans; Put three (3) 4'x6' Green Boards; Put LCD TV in class rooms; Put one (1) computer Set (keyboard, mouse, monitor, power supply); Put a printer, scanner, copier; Put a Flag Post; Provided a table chair set for the computer; Put a gate on school entrance; Put a Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) in kitchen; Put a platform in kitchen and put sink for washing dishes; Put a pipe connection from the overhead tank to the tap; Put a tap for washing hands for students; Put a swing set, slides, and 2 balance rods for children playground. In July 2018 provided a public address system; Toys for children, a tray for putting toys and 2 pictures; Provided level ground for playground with JCB; Gave School dresses to 85 students -both boys and girls; Planted 20 trees with tree guards in August 2018.

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