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The Ashram supports many charities –notably Health and Happiness, Inc. (HHI) –a Chicago based charity, Narayan Seva Sansthan (NSS)–a California based charity, and SSPSS – a tax exempt charity in India.

  • Health and Happiness, Inc. (HHI): Individual donors have donated to this tax free charitable corporation for Research in Nephrology-Urology at the Muljibhai Patel Society, at Nadiad, Gujrat. The current president of the Ashram of the Ashram is the Florida area representative of HHI.
  • Narayan Seva Sansthan (NSS): Prospective donors have been presented with the activities of this tax exempt institution. The founder of the NSS has toured United States to present NSS activities. One of the members of the Ashram is the President of the Florida Branch of NSS.
  • SSPSS: Charity clinic, orphanage and school for underprivileged people run by this tax free institution in India is supported by the Ashram.
  • BV & A : The Braham Vidyalaya and Ashram was founded by Swamiji Maharaj in 1955, located on the North bank of River Ganges about 2 miles from Simri which is reached from Buxar via Bhojpur, Bihar. The Ashram is self-sufficient with its own water, sanitary, electricity, and farming.

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